About Our Club

Connect. Inspire. Educate.

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 in McNeely 236


One’s resourcefulness is arguably the greatest entrepreneurial skill they can develop. This isn’t done in a classroom. Resourcefulness is a trait and therefore a habit that must be practiced. The Entrepreneurship Society’s main focus is to facilitate and catalyze this practice. We do this by surrounding members with proven Entrepreneurs and likeminded people, listing resources to tap into to develop skills, and finally by continuously funneling them opportunities such as internships or local events to take part in. Let us know how we can connect you to what you need.!



Entrepreneurs are by nature self-starters. The Entrepreneurship Society is also focused on pushing students to do. We push them to compete in school competitions and local competitions. In addition we create events that allow students to test ideas and fail in a fun supportive environment. The way we see it you have to be prepared to experiment, fail, learn, and repeat if you want to be successful. Let us know what inspires you!



Our last focus is educating students on entrepreneurial topics. We believe it is the school’s job to provide a fundamental education. Furthermore the Entrepreneurship Department has put together an amazing and immersive program far above what we could ever achieve. Having said that we do believe we can act as an information funnel that provides a place to get curated content specific to entrepreneurship. This is mainly done through our Facebook page. To be successful one has to be constantly learning, we just want to be a source for that consumption. Let us know what you want to learn more about!


Our mission is to connect entrepreneurial minded students at the University of St Thomas to the people and resources that will aid in their business endeavors. In addition we facilitate events that inspire action and educate through doing. Simply put we Connect, Inspire and Educate