Alan Bignall

CEO of Recon Robotics

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What keeps Alan Bignall ’85 M.B.A. going and going and going? In a word: passion. A quick glance at his LinkedIn profile shows that he is a very busy man, but he involves himself in things that permit him to pursue his passions: entrepreneurial ventures, helping others and baseball. Bignall speaks about everything he does with enthusiasm, even when he has a cold, as he did during a recent interview.

Bignall is, first and foremost, president and CEO of ReconRobotics Inc., a company that creates tactical micro-robot systems used by the military, law enforcement and rescue teams. Bignall and his entire team are devoted to increasing the safety of military and law enforcement personnel and other responders through robots that are increasingly sophisticated. Currently, their robots can explore an environment that might be dangerous for humans to enter and provide auditory and visual feedback, even in complete darkness. Some robots are designed to examine the undercarriage of a vehicle for explosives or narcotics. The robots have become increasingly advanced since the company was founded in 2006, and they will continue to provide improved information as more sensors are added for hazards such as radiological, chemical and biological threats.

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