Chip Pearson

Founder and CEO JAMF Software


February 25th 12:00pm McNeely 116

Chip Pearson is the Managing Partner at JAMF Software, the developer of the Casper Suite, a best of breed management solution for Mac OS X and Apple iOS devices. Throughout his career, Chip has been actively involved in supporting Macs in enterprise environments—working as a Mac project manager in a corporate environment, founding a successful Apple value added reseller, and managing a fast growing software company devoted to the Apple platform. An enthusiast who recognized the potential for Apple’s hardware and software in the enterprise early on, Chip joined JAMF Software as a partner in 2002. He has since focused on spreading the word that Macs can be superior corporate citizens when supported professionally with tools designed to do the job.

With the increasing adoption of Apple’s iOS devices in business and education in recent years, Chip has worked with his colleagues at JAMF Software to expand the capabilities of the Casper Suite to manage both Mac OS X computers and iOS devices in a single, unified console. Chip began his entrepreneurial career in high school as the vocalist and manager for a band that toured the country before all its members were old enough to drive.

Chip continues to bring this excitement and drive to every project he encounters, sharing his dedication, motivation and talent for solution synthesis with colleagues, customers and partners alike. In addition to his work in the field of technology, Chip is also a student of adaptive business theory and spoke at the 2010 John Boyd conference at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico Virginia.

When he is not helping people succeed as they integrate Apple devices into large-scale environments or developing new strategies for business growth and management, Chip spends time with his wife and son in St. Paul, Minnesota and enjoys four seasons of outdoor activities.

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