Darren Klum

CEO of CRAM Worldwide

Speaker Bio

Daren Klum is a technology executive with a formidable record of creating game-changing innovation, building companies around the innovation and successfully launching high-tech products to the market. Recognized for skill at leading startups, developing ground breaking technology and building world-class teams to execute. His first company Hardcore Computer, Inc., now LiquidCool Solutions was built on the core technology and concepts he created around total liquid submersion cooling for electronic devices. A technology that can reduce datacenter cooling costs by 40% while reducing datacenter footprint by 60%. Daren took the company from an idea in his basement to a venture backed company going after the multi-billion dollar datacenter market. Daren went on to found a new company called CRAM that is the pioneer of digital security technology that prevents piracy, data leakage and hacking in the cloud. A technology Daren and his team perfected. As CEO Daren has been responsible for creating the initial technology concepts, funding operations, bringing together a world-class team and executing the vision. CRAM’s exciting security platform will play a critical role in securing the worlds data, a market expected to grow to over $120 billion in 2017. Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits Daren spent over 17 years in Corporate America working for industry giants like ABC/Disney Networks, Gartner, Sprint, Time Warner as well as playing a role in the early growth of Digital River that is now the world’s largest e-commerce company. Daren holds a Degree in Broadcasting Communications from Brown College and a Degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota.


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