Matthew Dornquast

Founder Code42

April 15th 12:00 PM McNeely 116

As chief technology officer from 1988–1998, Matthew Dornquast saw the ad agency Fallon McElligott grow from 50 to 800 people.

“I learned a lot about growing a business there,” says the 45-year-old co-founder of the software firm Code 42.

Born in 2001 as the dot com bubble burst, Code 42 built software for a slew of other companies — from Sun Country Airlines to Target — while pursuing the primary dream of launching its own product.

After building much of the technology for a massive endeavor — a peer-to-peer, Facebook-like desktop application that “the web wasn’t ready for,” says Dornquast — Code 42 wisely dialed the project back to one key function it had mastered: data backup.

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